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We Dig Deep

You might be surprised by everything that’s buried inside your mountain of media data. There are unexpected veins of opportunity (and threat) resting under the surface of all those numbers.
The Insight Group, a division of Alight Analytics, can help you bring those invisible insights to light – because we’ve done the same thing for major brands and advertising agencies across North America for the past decade.

How Insight Group Can Help You

Our multidisciplinary team has mastered the latest techniques and tools for marketing technology, data strategy and data visualization.
We’ll serve as an extension of your team, leading them to mine their data for insights, develop more powerful reports and create better marketing and data strategies.

The Tools We Use

Insight Group | Google Analytics Image | Team
Google Analytics
Insight Group | Google Tag Manager Image | Team
Google Tag Manager
Insight Group | ChannelMix Image | Team
Insight Group | Tableau Software Image | Team

Trust our track record. Insight’s clients include leading brands and advertising agencies across North America.

“With the Insight Group, we’ve gained back more time to focus on analysis and improving our model with omni-channel attribution.”

Jan Steck, VP of E-Commerce, Helzberg Diamonds

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