Marketing Analytics Academy

Industry-Best Training on Data Strategies, Dashboard Design, Data Management

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Live classroom-style webinars for marketers delivered over 12 sessions, multiple times a year
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Taught by real-world practitioners who build marketing reporting for brands and agencies every day
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Exercises using real media data, online and offline, and industry-standard tools like Tableau and Google Analytics 
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Archived videos available on demand
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Private, custom training available

Training Tailored to Your Platform

Tableau Users
Where it begins: A professional training program for building and optimizing reporting in Tableau.
  1. Constructing a Measurement Strategy
  2. Campaign Tracking Across Marketing Channels
  3. Designing Your Data Strategy
  4. Tableau User Fundamentals
  5. Dashboard Design Fundamentals
  6. Quality Assurance for the Analyst
  7. Data Connection Fundamentals
  8. Top 10 Beginner Calculations
  9. Distributing Your Reports
  10. Building a Media Performance Dashboard
  11. Custom Session
Tableau Users
The next step in your journey. Learn how to dig deep and tell the real story behind your data.
  1. Marketing Performance Storytelling
  2. Data Visualization & Design Fundamentals
  3. Dashboard Mockup Process for Efficient Iteration
  4. Dashboard Design for Multiple Stakeholders
  5. Server Management for Beginners
  6. Top 10 Intermediate Calculations
  7. Parameters & Sets
  8. Time & Date Visualizations
  9. Maps & Geographic Visualizations
  10. Advanced Media Performance Dashboard
  11. Custom Session
Tableau Users
Push your mastery of analytics and Tableau to new heights.
  1. Building an Analytics Practice at Your Company
  2. Presenting Your Dashboard & Analysis
  3. Handling Analysis Objections from Your Audience
  4. Dashboard Performance Optimization
  5. Top 10 Advanced Calculations
  6. Goals, Pacing and Benchmarking
  7. Analysis Functions (forecasting, clustering)
  8. Custom Visualizations
  9. Cross-Device Dashboarding
  10. Building a View of Demographics
  11. Custom Session

“Marketing Analytics Academy was probably the best training session I’ve ever had on any software. We actually walked through exactly what I wanted.”

Jamil Malone, Brand Analyst, Sullivan, Higdon & Sink

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